Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Polipundit, the Blog, is Dead

Polipundit has gone immigration crazy, and has decided that his guest bloggers MUST agree with him on illegal immigration, or leave. So, he locked them out from posting on his blog, and now the blog is dead. So much for the freedom of speech Polipundit has always pushed so hard for.

I hope everyone deletes their bookmarks to his site. I not only removed Polipundit as my home page (it was my favorite blog) but I also removed my link to Polipundit from this site (not that anyone comes here lol).

Friday, April 21, 2006

Michael Hiltzik's Bizarre Tale of Bias at the LA Times

This story is just too weird. Michael Hiltzik created several online identities, and posted comments on Patterico's Pontifications, and Hugh Hewitt's website debating them, mocking them, mocking their point of view, and generally mischaracterize their arguments. Hiltzik is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the LA Times. He even used these psudonyms to back each other up and reinforce the arguments he was making. Meaning he would post something under one name, then post another post under another name backing up the first guy...and so on. WACKY!

Of course, people do this all the time on Blogs. They usually aren't liberal Pulitzer Prize winning writers. The LA Time is blatantly biased liberal, so it's nice to see them get caught for once.

Patterico writes:

When someone creates sock puppets, like Hiltzik did, is it dishonest? Yes, I suppose it is. But is it dangerous? I don'’t think so. Goofy? Sure. Easily mocked? You betcha! But dangerous? Nah.

What bothers me more - and what I find far more dangerous - is the kind of dishonesty that Hiltzik employed in his response to me yesterday: blatant intellectual dishonesty. He fundamentally mischaracterized my argument. He was smart enough to know he was doing it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

CNN's Goofy Bush Picture

The picture to the right is the picture that CNN ran today with their story covering Bush's weekly radio address. There's not much to say about it. The picture kind of speaks for itself. Creepy.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Saddam On Trial Today - Mad Man

Friday, March 31, 2006

"Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle"

"Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle"

Wow, where to begin with this one. It's bad enough that McKinney cannot control herself. She's totally and completely out of control with rage and hate. It's bad enough she hit a police officer charged with protecting HER and everyone she knows in the capital.

Does anyone out there feel like McKinney's bad behavior is likely to make things less safe for congress? If a guard doesn't recognize a member of congress, should they err on the side of caution, or on the side of stupidity, afraid of another attack from McKinney and her racist crew?

There is NOBODY more racist than McKinney in congress. She is the eternal victim, blaming every little problem she has on white people. She blames the guard for being racist, to somehow deflect the fact that she hit the guy. Cynthia, YOU are the racist one. YOU are the one that assaulted a police officer because he is white.

So, what would happen if I, a peasant American, hit a capital police officer? What would happen if any old Joe hit a capitol police officer? We'd be arrested on the spot. They wouldn't let us go do our job, or get away with it. We'd be arrested.

Why should McKinney be treated any differently? Because she's a victim...again? Should she not be arrested because she's an angry black woman? She should be arrested and treated like anyone else. Period.

I think the real resolution to this, is that EVERYONE should go through the metal detectors. All congressmen and women should. We now know that certain people don't have to go through the detectors. Isn't that but an invitation for terrorists to try and exploit this clearly flawed system? I for one don't trust people who hit cops to be exempt from going through metal detectors in critical parts of government buildings. Ever hear of going postal? McKinney is a prime candidate for such lunacy.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The New York Times Blew It. Bush Has Constitutional Authority to Spy on al Qaeda

So says 5 FISA judges unanimously.

Of course, Powerline is correct, the New York Times BLEW IT AGAIN! Man, must not be a good month to work for the NYT. What's new?

Hat tip Polipundit.

Judge Kornblum: I think as a Magistrate Judge, not a District Judge, that a President would be remiss in exercising his Constitutional authority to say that, 'I surrender all of my power to a statute,' and, frankly, I doubt that Congress, in a statute, can take away the President'’s authority, not his inherent authority, but his necessary and proper authority.


Judge Stafford: Everyone is bound by the law, but I do not believe, with all due respect, that even an act of Congress can limit the President's power under the Necessary and Proper Clause under the Constitution

Chairman Specter: I think the thrust of what you are saying is the President is bound by statute like everyone else unless it impinges on his constitutional authority, and a statute cannot take away the President's constitutional authority. Anybody disagree with that?

[No response.]

Chairman Specter: Everybody agrees with that.

PFFFFFT! Okay, we all, even liberals deep down, knew Bush was right to spy on al Qaeda. Sniff, poor ACLU...poor NYT...poor communist socialist wind bags...

Scalia Kicks Butt: "I am, by the way, an American jurist."

Over at CNN, covering the pressing issues of the day, no doubt. I love the picture they used of him too (note: it's not the same picture as I used to the right), really no animosity there.

From CNN:

The Boston Herald reported Monday the justice made "an obscene gesture, flicking his hand under his chin" in response to a question about whether lawyers might question his impartiality in matters of church and state.

Further down:

"From watching too many episodes of the Sopranos, your staff seems to have acquired the belief that any Sicilian gesture is obscene -- especially when made by an 'Italian jurist.' (I am, by the way, an American jurist.)," he wrote (Scalia wrote), referring to the American television series about a fictional mob boss and his family.

The real news here is that the Herald now thinks you must be an atheist to be a jurist on any trial where religion is concerned. What bunk.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

If You Were On the Fence On Immigration...

Hopefully this will change your mind.

I honestly didn't care much about immigration, or the immigration issue before this week. However, in light of the insurgency that we have in California and across the country, as evidenced by these pictures, I have changed my mind. I want a crack down, I want the border sealed, and I want these illegal immigrants gone.

We have Mexican flags flying high in our cities. The picture to the right is of the Montebello High School in California, taken earlier this week. Not only did they fly the Mexican flag above the US flag, but they ALSO had the gall to hang our flag upside down. I went them gone. All of them. Send them back to Mexico. If it's so great there, and they love their homeland so damn much, GO HOME. Leave us.

It may be hard to believe, but I honestly didn't care about this issue one bit a week ago. I could have been persuaded to go either way. Now, after seeing Mexican flags flying in our cities, and communist propaganda mixed in, I want them gone.

Bush, you better not give these people amnesty, or citizenship. They need to go home.

Many immigrants have come to this country. When they come, you don't see them come out in mass to overthrow the government and fly their native flags. These people need to go. They don't appreciate our system, they do not love this country, and they certainly should not be allowed to vote.

America Hater/Dictator Hugo Chavez Has Hands In US Voting Machines

This is so unbelievably wrong.

The greater threat to our nation's security comes not from Dubai and its pro-Western government, but from Venezuela, where software engineers with links to the leftist, anti-American regime of Hugo Chávez are programming electronic voting machines that will soon power U.S. elections.

Congress spent two weeks overreacting to news that Dubai Ports World would operate several American ports, including Miami's, but a better target for their hysteria would be the acquisition by Smartmatic International of California-based Sequoia Voting Systems, whose machines serve millions of U.S. voters. That Smartmatic -- which has been accused by Venezuela's opposition of helping Chávez rig elections in his favor -- now controls a major U.S. e-voting firm should give pause to anybody who thinks that replacing our antiquated butterfly ballots and hanging chads will restore Americans' faith in our electoral process.

You have to read the whole thing to believe it.

Bush Approval Rate Climbing

He's up to 45% approval now. I wouldn't celebrate that number if I were democrats. Only 80% (which is an improvement) of Republicans gave him the thumbs up. That means there are enough Republicans out there who will vote Republican that are not giving him the thumbs up.

If Bush continues to clean house a little, and keeps fighting back hard on Iraq, then things should be just fine. However, if he stops fighting the political fight here in the states, Republicans in the house will be in trouble in November.

I think there will be a major push by Republicans come fall, and as usual the Democrats will blow all their ammo before the game really starts.

The picture is from Zombie Time, you have GOT to check that site out. For many more insane liberals, and reasons not to vote for ANY liberal...check that site out.